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Third Climate Zone

Connecting People and Nature

A contemporary intelligent winter garden. The east wing of the conference center is a unique spatial experience, connecting our visitors with nature. As a transitional space, with extensive glazing, views of the site, and generous daylighting, this space can be used throughout the seasons. The Third Climate Zone hosts algae generators as part of our on-site biological water purification system, which filters and purifies our wastewater. With the aid of plants and light, the water is recycled and used for irrigation. This water supports the green wall, a key feature of the space, which works to improve the indoor environment. The stone floors can be heated by hot water stored in a repurposed swimming pool, generated from solar thermal energy. The Third Climate Zone is a place for meetings, quiet reflection and inspiration – from nature and each other.

Who’s behind it: 
Steenbergs Tegnestue

See also:
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With the heated stone floor, the space is maintained at 5 C°, and the ambition is to be able to achieve 15 C° by renewable energy. The water from the biological water purification process is purified to drinking quality, but is only used for irrigation for now due to the building law, which prevents reusing it in the building.



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