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Smart Room

The Hotel Room of Tomorrow

What’s it like, the hotel room of tomorrow? We answer that question with two smart guest rooms at Green Solution House. We focused on choosing quality interiors, which meant prioritising recyclability and sustainability certifications, when it came to selecting our materials and furnishings. Air cleaning carpets, recyclable tiles, recycled plastic fixtures and low energy lighting are some of the things pushing the vision forward. The rooms are delightfully daylit with skylights and Sun Tunnels, complementing the glass façade and balcony. And how does it feel, the hotel room of tomorrow? Controlled by a simple click from our intelligent indoor climate app, the room is yours to explore. The app tracks the impact of your stay, monitoring water and energy consumption, daylight levels, air quality, temperature, and humidity levels.

Who’s behind it:
GXN Innovation, Autodesk Research, Strategic Innovation, Rambøll, Kuubo

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