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Strategic Partners

Green Solution House synergies are founded on mutual inspiration, shared vision and common values. The strategic partners are the key players in the co-creation approach of the Green Solution House and implementation of our green solutions. The strategic partners are: Realdania, VELUX Group, Autodesk, GXN Innovation and Saint-Gobain’s Danish companies: Weber, Isover, Ecophon and Gyproc.

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Green Solution House is realised by a team of advisors who work in close collaboration, bringing their own expertise to push forward innovative solutions. Design by 3XN, detailing by Steenbergs Tegnestue, landscape by SLA and engineering by Rambøll. COWI is the client advisor and GXN the client consultant on sustainability.

Steenberg2 3XN2   SLA2  Cowi2 Ramboll2   GNX2


Funding Partners

Carl Edvard Mogensens Fond, Realdania, Brdr. E.S.A. Larsens Legat, Bornholms Erhvervsfond, Sparekassen Bornholms Fond, Bornholms Brand Amba, Nordea Kredit, Miljøstyrelsen.





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