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Design for Disassembly

Investing in the Future

We are current and we intend to stay that way. In our ever-evolving industry, design requirements are increasingly sensitive to the necessities of sustainable development, and the future. At Green Solution House our Design for Disassembly strategy informed the earliest design decisions through to final detailing; as such, our approach supports the eventual recycling and reuse of building components. Design for Disassembly in our context means valuing building systems for their current purpose, but also their future beyond Green Solution House. We see construction projects as material banks that will support future generations. In this way, the design of the conference center and landscape prioritised accessible mechanical fastenings that can be separated over the use of permanent adhesives and other chemical fixes.

Who’s behind it: 
GXN Innovation, Steenbergs Tegnestue

See also:
Separable Constructions, Glass Climate Screen, Recyclable Façade, Building with Wood



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